March 28, 2023

Top 10 Social Media Platforms in Malaysia 2023

10 social media used in Malaysia 2023

Top 10 Social Media Platforms in Malaysia 2023

Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives, with millions worldwide using various platforms to connect with friends, family, and even businesses. In Malaysia, social media usage has skyrocketed in recent years, with many platforms experiencing significant growth in user base and engagement. As of 2023, several social media platforms are viral among Malaysians, each with unique features and user demographics.

We’ll examine each platform’s user demographics, features, and benefits and explore how businesses and marketers can leverage these platforms to reach their target audience effectively. Whether you’re a social media enthusiast or a business owner looking to expand your online presence, this blog is the ultimate guide to social media in Malaysia in 2023.

1. Facebook

facebook logo

In February 2023, there were 29,831,900 Facebook users in Malaysia, accounting for 87% of the country’s entire population. Among these users, the majority, or 50.6%, were men. The age group with the most significant number of users was 25 to 34, with 9,500,000 people, followed closely by those aged 18 to 24, with 8,500,000 users.

Interestingly, the highest difference between men and women Facebook users in Malaysia occurs within the 25 to 34 age group, where men lead by a significant margin of 5,100,000 users. This gap is followed by the 35 to 44 age group, where men also outnumber women, albeit by a smaller margin of 1,900,000 users.

Facebook’s user base in Malaysia is dominated by men, with the 25 to 34 age group being the most active. These insights could be helpful for businesses and marketers targeting this demographic, as they could tailor their campaigns to appeal specifically to these users.

2. Instagram

instagram logo

Instagram has become a popular social media platform among millennials and Gen Z in Malaysia, strongly emphasizing visual content such as photos and videos. As of February 2023, the platform had 16,656,400 users in Malaysia, accounting for 48.6% of the population. Notably, most Instagram users in Malaysia were women, making up 56.4% of the user base.

When looking at user demographics, the age group with the most significant number of Instagram users in Malaysia was 25 to 34, with 5,500,000 people. This group was followed closely by those aged 18 to 24, with 4,800,000 users. Interestingly, within the 18 to 24 age group, there was a significant difference in the number of male and female users. Women lead by a margin of 2,200,000 users, indicating that this demographic mainly engages with the platform.

Instagram’s user base in Malaysia skews towards women, with the 25 to 34 age group being the most active. For businesses and marketers targeting this demographic, it’s worth considering how to effectively reach and engage with female users on the platform, especially within the 18 to 24 age group.

3. Youtube

youtube logo

YouTube is one of the most popular video-sharing platforms in the world, and in Malaysia, it has a significant following. According to Google’s advertising resources, YouTube had 23.60 million users in the country in early 2022. This figure represents 71.6% of Malaysia’s population, making it the most popular video-sharing platform in the country.

Regarding user demographics, YouTube ads reached 79.9% of Malaysia’s internet user base in January 2022. Within this audience, 47.5% were female, and 52.5% were male. This suggests that while YouTube’s user base in Malaysia is relatively evenly split by gender, a slightly higher proportion of male users engage with the platform’s advertising content.

One of the reasons for YouTube’s popularity in Malaysia is the wide range of content available on the platform, which includes everything from entertainment to education. For businesses and marketers looking to reach audiences in Malaysia, YouTube provides a valuable opportunity to engage with users through targeted advertising. By understanding the platform’s demographics and user behaviors, businesses can create effective ad campaigns that resonate with their target audience and help them achieve their marketing goals.

4. Twitter

twitter logo

Twitter is a popular platform for real-time updates and discussions on various topics, including news, politics, and pop culture. According to Twitter’s advertising resources, Malaysia’s platform had 4.40 million users in early 2022. This means that Twitter’s ad reach in the country was equivalent to 13.3% of the total population.

It’s worth noting that Twitter restricts the use of its platform to individuals aged 13 and above, so this figure only represents the percentage of the “eligible” audience in Malaysia. In 2022, 16.7% of this eligible audience will use Twitter, highlighting the platform’s popularity among young adults and older users in the country.

Twitter’s ad reach in Malaysia was equivalent to 14.9% of the local internet user base, regardless of age, at the start of the year. While Twitter’s user base in Malaysia may be smaller than other social media platforms, it still presents an opportunity for businesses and marketers to reach a highly engaged audience through targeted advertising.

Businesses can create effective ad campaigns that drive engagement and conversions by understanding the platform’s demographics and the type of content that resonates with its users.

5. LinkedIn

linkedin logo

LinkedIn is a popular professional networking platform widely used by job seekers and professionals in Malaysia. According to figures published in LinkedIn’s advertising resources, the platform had 6.30 million “members” in Malaysia in early 2022. However, LinkedIn’s advertising tools’ post audience reaches data based on total registered members rather than the monthly active users, forming the basis of the ad reach figures published by most other social media platforms.

The company’s advertising reach figures suggest that LinkedIn’s audience in Malaysia was equivalent to 19.1 percent of the total population at the start of 2022. However, it is essential to note that LinkedIn restricts the use of its platform to people aged 18 and above. Therefore, it is helpful to know that 26.4 percent of Malaysia’s “eligible” audience will use LinkedIn in 2022.

For additional context, LinkedIn’s ad reach in Malaysia was equivalent to 21.3 percent of the local internet user base (regardless of age) at the start of the year. Notably, in early 2022, 41.9 percent of LinkedIn’s ad audience in Malaysia was female, while 58.1 percent were male. These figures provide valuable insights for businesses and professionals leveraging the platform for networking, recruitment, and marketing.

6. WhatsApp

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Malaysia has the most extensive user base of WhatsApp in Southeast Asia, with an estimated 43 million users, according to an analysis by Statista. This amounts to a large portion of the overall population, almost 80 percent of all Malaysian smartphone users. Most of these users are concentrated in younger age brackets, with nearly 40 percent belonging to the 15-24 demographic and another 40 percent belonging to the 25-34 demographic.

Interestingly enough, statistics also show that while older generations still use the popular messaging application, they don’t tend to take advantage of all the features it offers. More than 82 percent of Malaysian users favor text messages over more interactive methods such as making phone calls or sending videos. This data suggests a clear trend for companies looking to connect with their target market through online promotions.

7. Tik Tok

tik tok logo

According to ByteDance’s advertising resources, in Malaysia, TikTok had 14.59 million users aged 18 and above in early 2022. Although TikTok allows marketers to target ads to users aged 13 and above, the audience data from ByteDance’s tools only cover users aged 18 and above. TikTok is a popular platform for short-form videos, particularly among Gen Z in Malaysia. ByteDance’s figures suggest that at the beginning of the year, TikTok ads reached 61.2 percent of all adults aged 18 and above in the country.

Regarding ad reach, TikTok’s popularity extended beyond its core audience. Its ad reach in Malaysia was equivalent to 49.4 percent of the total internet user base at the start of the year, regardless of age. This highlights the platform’s potential to reach a wider audience beyond its primary demographic.

Regarding gender breakdown, ByteDance’s figures show that 56.8 percent of TikTok’s ad audience in Malaysia was female, while 43.2 percent was male. These figures suggest that TikTok could be an effective platform for targeting female audiences in Malaysia.

8. Wechat

wechat logo

This Chinese-based messaging and online payments app has grown significantly in recent years, leading to an estimated 20 million Monthly Active Users (MAU). Indeed an impressive figure, especially when it is noted that this places Malaysia as the seventh most populous nation for WeChat users. Besides the expansive network of users across all states, WeChat is prevalent across different age groups and genders. A 2020 survey found that 53 percent of MAUs were male while 44 percent were female, with the majority between 24-35.

However, there has been a notable expansion in usage rates by younger and older generations alike – evident in steady rises among those below 15 and over 35. WeChat continues to be a growing force in Malaysia’s social media space.

9. Telegram

telegram logo

Malaysia has experienced a significant increase in Telegram users in recent years. As per data collected by Statista in 2020, there was an estimated 8.41 million Telegram users in the country, making up 16.9% of the total Internet population. This finding implies that more and more Malaysians are discovering this application as a reliable software for messaging, voice and video calls, file sharing, and other features.

Meanwhile, this data suggests that over 50% of Malaysian Telegram users are aged between 18-34 years old; 15% lie between the ages of 25-39; 19% are aged 13-17; 10% are aged 12 or younger; and 4% aged 40 or older. This indicates that Telegram remains highly popular amongst digital natives and younger generations in Malaysia.

10. Pinterest

pinterest logo

In Malaysia, Pinterest is becoming increasingly popular, and more and more people are using the platform. According to recent research, there has been a remarkable growth in the number of users, and around 20% of internet users in Malaysia are now on Pinterest. Most Pinterest users are between 18-35 years old, and roughly half of them are female.

Furthermore, Malaysians are following their favorite brands, joining group boards, and making an average of two searches. They primarily focus on Do-It-Yourself (DIY), fashion, food & drinks, and home decoration. All these factors combined make Pinterest an excellent way for companies to reach consumers.


As we move forward, we will likely see changes and developments in the social media landscape in Malaysia. Marketers and businesses must stay current with these trends and adapt their strategies to reach and engage with their target audiences effectively.

Overall, social media platforms offer many opportunities for individuals and businesses to connect, engage, and grow. By understanding the demographics, marketers can leverage the potential of social media to build brand awareness, drive engagement, and achieve their marketing goals.

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